Project Delivery

At Barnett Ratcliffe Partnership Ltd. we take great pride in our involvement in all of our projects, no matter what the scope of work might be. We are happy to undertake full commissions through all RIBA work stages (0-7) just as we are to undertake projects where only a partial architectural service may be required.





Choosing Barnett Ratcliffe for Your Project

We have a long-standing reputation for delivering successful projects on time, on budget and to the required standards. To help deliver this we provide 5 key attributes to any project from the outset:

  • Qualified professional staff
  • Key involvement from Directors (contactable throughout the project)
  • A management system which monitors job progress against aspects of time, quality and cost and that constantly looks to improve services
  • The opportunity for client involvement in our review processes
  • Drawing work carried out on industry standard computer software

Following the RIBA Workstages also helps us to control the successful result of a project. You can view a detailed breakdown of the RIBA Workstages below: